U.S.S. Avenger NCC-91247


U.S.S. Avenger NCC-91247


                                            U.S.S. Avenger NCC-91247


Origin: Federation
Class and Type: Sovereign-class Explorer
Year Launched: 2368

Ship Dimensions

Spaceframe: Hybridised, separable and reconnectable saucer

Full 674.4m
Saucer 322.2m
Stardrive 448.7m

Full 240.0m
Saucer 240.0m
Stardrive 209.3m

Full 82.5m
Saucer 48.3m
Stardrive 82.5m

Mass: 3,250,000 metric tons

Decks: 24

Production Base: San Francisco Yards, Earth

Accommodation: Standard 750 (92 officers + 658 crew); 110 visiting personnel; 4000 emergency limit

Duration: 15 years without refit; 80 years spaceframe life


Warp Power Plant: One 1500+ cochrane matter/antimatter warp core

Warp Engines: Two LF-44 nacelles

Warp Performance: Standard Warp 9.9; Warp 9.95 for 12 hours emergency

Impulse Power Plant: Independent fusion reactors

Impulse Engines:
Total Two FIG-5 subatomic unified energy impulse units, two FIG-7 subatomic unified energy impulse units
Saucer Two FIG-5 subatomic unified energy impulse units
Stardrive Two FIG-7 subatomic unified energy impulse units

Impulse Performance:

.25c normal; .98c emergency

Deuterium Tankage: Two 25,000m2 tanks, eighteen auxiliary tanks

Antimatter Containment: Twenty two pods

Auxiliary Propulsion: Eight reaction control system thrusters

Secondary Power: One 10MW+ fusion reactor

Emergency Deuterium Supplies: Two Bussard hydrogen collectors

Emergency Antimatter Supplies: One quantum charge reversal device

Navigational Deflection:
Total One primary deflector, six auxiliary deflectors
Saucer Six auxiliary deflectors
Stardrive One primary deflector


Total Eighteen type XII phaser arrays
Saucer Eleven type XII linear phaser arrays
Stardrive Seven type XII linear phaser arrays

Phaser Force Rating: 7.2 MW per emitter segment

Torpedo Launchers:
Full Three forward Mk 95 launchers, three aft Mk 95 launchers
Saucer One forward Mk 95 launcher, two aft Mk 95 launchers
Stardrive Two forward Mk 95 launchers, one aft Mk 95 launcher

Photon Torpedo Supplies: One hundred fifty warheads with range of 4,050,000km

Photon Torpedo Force: 18.9 isotons

Quantum Torpedo Supplies: One hundred warheads with range of 4,075,000km

Quantum Torpedo Force: 58.7 isotons

Shield Generators:
Total Seven generators
Saucer Four generators
Stardrive Three generators

Shield Force Rating: 489,000 MW

Additional Systems: Saucer separation system

Auto-Destruct: Two systems capable of a maximum release of 1013 megajoules


Sensor Systems:

74 sensor pallets consisting of:
*  EM scanners
*  Graviton scanners
*  Lifeform analysis scanners
*  Subspace scanners
*  Optical imagers
*  Thermal sensors
*  Long-range sensors

Typical Probe Compliment: Twelve of each class: I-VII; types VIII, VIIIA, IX,  and IXA manufactured as needed

Probe Launching System: Three forward Mk 95 launchers, two aft Mk 95 launchers

Computer Cores: Two cores

Core Storage Capacity: 1.30983 x 1013 kiloquads per core

Processing Speed: 10,070,950 kiloquads/sec

Operating System: LCARS Mark VII

Data Network: ODN Mark 19Q; bioneural net supplements

Laboratory Departments:

*  Stellar Cartography
*  Geology
*  Biology
*  Cultural Analysis
*  Cybernetics
*  Planetary Science


Personnel Transporters:
Total Four rooms
Saucer Two rooms
Stardrive Two rooms

Cargo Transporters:
Total Three pads
Saucer Two pads
Stardrive One pads

Emergency Transporters:
Total Four rooms
Saucer Two rooms
Stardrive Two rooms

Emitter Array:
Total Twelve emitters
Saucer Eight emitters
Stardrive Four emitters

Emitter Range: 45,000km

Cargo Bays:
Total Two main cargo complexes with five bays each
Saucer One main cargo complex with five bays
Stardrive One main cargo complex with five bays

Cargo Complement: 225,000 metric tons (approximate)

Total One primary launch facility, one secondary launch facility
Saucer One primary launch facility
Stardrive One secondary launch facility

Shuttle pods: Six travel pods

Shuttlecraft: Ten type 6 shuttles, five type 11 shuttles, five special-purpose shuttles

Utility Craft: Ten work bees

Auxiliary Vehicle: One Sovereign type captain’s yacht, one Argo type all-terrain vehicle anuttluttle

Escape Pods: One hundred ninety five escape pods

Tractor Beams:
Total Two main emitters, one auxiliary emitter
Saucer One auxiliary emitter
Stardrive Two main emitters

Crew Support

Environment: Class M standard; capable of conversion to class H, K, L

Gravity Generation:
Total Three hundred generators
Saucer Two hundred generators
Stardrive One hundred generators

Waste Management: Two environmental recycling and support complexes

Medical Systems:
Total Two sickbay wards, six attached labs and one operating suite
Saucer One sickbay ward, six attached labs and one operating suite
Stardrive One sickbay ward

Crew Quarters: 65 square metres  for each individual up to 1,000 persons

Food Supply: Matter replication system

Intership Transportation Advanced turbolift system

Total Two main rooms, seven smaller simulators
Saucer Two main rooms, five smaller simulators
Stardrive Two smaller simulators

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