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USS Titan NCC-80102

USS Titan 
Class:  Luna-class 
Registry:  NCC-80102 
Affiliation:  Federation
Launched:  2379 
Status:  active (2381) 

Type:  Deep Space Science Vessel 
Length Overall:  454 meters 
Beam:  204 meters 
Height:  81 meters 
Decks:  17 
Designed Capacities 
Crew Compliment:  350 
Life Support Capacity:  6,000 (Highly adaptable life support systems throughout ship) 
Auxiliary Craft:   
8 Shuttlecraft

1 Captain’s Yacht
Tactical Systems 
5 Type XI Phaser Arrays

5 Torpedo Tubes (3 fore, 2 aft)
6 Axis Shield Grid (fore, aft, dorsal, ventral, starboard and port)

Ablative Hull Plating
Engineering Specifications 
Warp Engines:   
Type IX Low Hanging Nacelles
Class XIII Cochrane Warp Core
Sublight Engines:   
Class IX Impulse Engines located on port and starboard of the primary hull
Cruising Speed:  Warp 7 
Maximum Speed:  Warp 9.99 (12 hours) 
All information is based on what is found in the Star Trek: Titan novels and is non-canonical and may contain a few
Senior staff

Commanding Officer: Captain William T. Riker (Human male)
First Officer: Commander Christine Vale (Human female)
Second Officer: Commander Tuvok (2380; Vulcan male)
Gamma Shift Officer of the Watch:
Lieutenant Commander Fo Hachesa (2379 – 2381; Kobliad male)
Lieutenant Commander Tamen Gibruch (2381 – ; Chandir male)
Diplomatic Officer: Commander Deanna Troi (Betazoid/Human female)

Engineering personnel
Chief Engineer:

Lieutenant Commander Nidani Ledrah (2379; Tiburon female)
Commander Dr. Xin Ra-Havreii (2380; Efrosian male)
Deputy Chief Engineer:
Baars (2380)
Lieutenant commander Wesley Crusher (Date unknown; Human male)
Lieutenant Bowan Radowski, transporter chief (Human male)
Lieutenant Tylith (Kasheeta female)
Ensign Paolo Rossini (Human male)
Ensign Koasa Rossini (Human male)
Ensign Crandall (Human male)
Ensign Tasanee Panyarachun (Human female)
Ensign Urgar (ursinoid male)
Ensign Torvig Bu-Kar-Nguv (Choblik male)
Meldok (Benzite male)
Chwolkk (Horta male)

Medical personnel
Chief medical officer:

Dr. Shenti Yisec Eres Ree (Pahkwa-thanh male)
Dr. Onnta (Balosneean male)
Lieutenant Alyssa Ogawa, head nurse (Human female)
Nurse Kershu (Edosian female)
Counseling staff

Deanna Troi (Betazoid/Human female)
Lieutenant Pral glasch Haaj (Tellarite male)
Lieutenant Dr. Huilan Sen’kara (S’ti’ach male)

Operations personnel
Operations Manager:

Lieutenant Sariel Rager (Human female)
Ensign Zurin Dakal (Cardassian male)
enlisted K’chak’!'op (« Chaka »), computer specialist (Pak’shree female)
Crewman Kay’re (male)

Flight control personnel
flight controller:
alpha shift: Lieutenant Junior Grade Aili Lavena (Pacifican female)
beta shift: Ensign Revtem Prin Ooteshk (asexual, species unspecified)
gamma shift: Chief Petty Officer Axel Bolaji (Human male)
Ensign Olivia Bolaji, shuttle pilot (Human female)
Lieutenant Commander desYog (Skorr male)
Ensign Reedesa Waen (Bolian female)
Ensign Bohn, navigator

Security personnel
tactical officer:

Lieutenant Commander Ranul Keru (2379; Trill male)
Commander Tuvok (2380; Vulcan male)
relief tactical officer: Ensign Kuu’iut (Betelgeusian male)
security chief:
Lieutenant Commander Ranul Keru (Trill male)
Lieutenant Pava Ek’Noor sh’Aqabaa (Andorian shen)
Lieutenant Feren Denken (Matalinian male)
Lieutenant Gian Sortollo (Human male)
Lieutenant, junior grade Rriarr (2379-2381,Caitian male)
Lieutenant, junior grade T’Lirin (Vulcan female)
Chief Petty Officer Dennisar (Orion male)
Ellec Krotine security guard (Boslic female)
Balim Cel security guard (Catullan female)
Shelley Hutchinson (Human female)
Jaq, security guard (Napean male)
Okafor, security guard (Human male)
N’Keytar, security guard (Vok’sha female)
Hriss, security guard (Caitian female)
T’Kel (2381, Vulcan female)

Sciences personnel
science officer:

Lieutenant Commander Jaza Najem (2379-2380; Bajoran male)
Lieutenant Commander Melora Pazlar (2380-; Elaysian female)
gamma shift science officer: Ensign Ichi
Lieutenant Chamish, ecology (Kazarite male)
Lieutenant Eviku, xenobiology (Arkenite male)
Lieutenant Kekil, biology (Chelon male)
Lieutenant Holor Sethe (cygnian male) Computer Sciences Department
Lieutenant Hsuuri, stellar cartography (Caitian Female)
Lieutenant Roakn (Brikar male)
Ensign Kenneth Norellis, astrobiology (Human male)
Ensign Savalek, botany (Vulcan male)
Ensign Loolooa Tereshini, cryptolinguist (Antaran female)
Ensign Y’lira Modan, cryptolinguist (Selenean female)
Ensign Klace Polan (Catullan male)
Ensign Peya Fell (Deltan female)
Chief Petty Officer Bralik, geology (Ferengi female)
Cadet Orilly Malar, exobiology (2379; Irriol female)
Se’al Cethente Qas, astrophysics (Syrath)
Crewman Lonam-Arja, sensor technician (Grazerite male)
aMershik (Thymerae male)
Berias (Benzite male)
Voris (Benzite male)
Ensign Zurin Dakal, sensor analyst (2381; Cardassian male) 

Miscellaneous personnel

Ensign Evesh (Tellarite female)
Ensign Mecatus
Lieutenant Keyexisi
Ensign Unünüü
Titan Avatar

Civilian residents

Scot Bishop-Walker, bartender (Human male)
Ebriscentil, ship’s cook (Ktarian male)
T’Pel (Vulcan Female)
Chordys, night shift galley manager (Bolian female)
Noah Powell, son of Alyssa Ogawa (human male)
Totyarguil Bolaji, infant son of Olivia and Axel Bolaji (human male)
Natasha Miana Riker-Troi, daughter of William T. Riker and Deanna Troi (Betazoid/Human Female)
SecondGen White-Blue (Sentry)

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